Perfect Macro Recorder

Perfect Macro Recorder 2.10

Enables you to record mouse movements, clicks and keyboard's keystrokes

Perfect Macro Recorder is a program that you will enjoy if your job consists on doing almost the same thing everyday. Perfect Macro Recorder is a program that records your mouse and keyboard movements so that you can analyze them later and set the software to do exactly what you have done. It's perfect for all the routine activities we do everyday.
The program is just great and you will enjoy while saving some of your time. All you have to do to teach the program how to perform your repetitive tasks is to click on the record button and then just forget that your mouse and keyboard movements are being recorded. Click wherever you have to click, write whatever you have to write and do whatever you have to do. When you finish, just click on the stop button and save the movements. Next time you have to do the exact same task, just click on the play button and the software will playback all the recorded movements. Your task will automatically be performed by the computer. Just calm down, if you have a boss you won't have to tell him/her that something else is doing your job.
Perfect Macro Recorder also records the waiting time between each click, right click or keyboard typing. If you use Internet and you don't know how long a website is going to take before loading you can use longer breaks and the software will wait as long as you waited the next time it does the task.
If you download the free trial of this software, you can use it five times for free, then you could buy it if it suits your needs and helps you perform your daily job.

Sebastian Fernandez
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  • It records all your mouse and keyboard movements including the time you wait between each movement
  • It helps you perform routine work


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